MIEK - since 1999 year!

We have been training specialists in the field of existential counseling since 1999. Founder - Semyon Yeselson (follower of A.E. Alekseychik).

К нам приезжают ведущие экзистенциальные терапевты Европы: Эмми ван Дорцен, Александр Алексейчик, Арнхильд Лаувенг и др.

Ежегодный международный фестиваль «Экзистенциальная традиция» - это место для профессионального роста слушателей и выпускников МИЭК!

Проект "Болезни близких" проводится регулярно совместно с А. Гнездиловым, профессором, доктором медицинских наук, основателем отечественной сказкотерапии, куклотерапии, первого советского хосписа


A unique (existential) approach to training existential counselors. 560 students and 17 teachers of the European class
Integration into the global professional community. Our delegation was one of the largest at the II World Congress on Existential Therapy in Buenos Aires, May 2019
European certificate version IPEK. And our educational program in its parameters even exceeds the requirements of the European certificate
Semen Borisovich Eselson - member of the Board of the European Federation of Existential Therapy and is a member of the Organizing Committee of the IX World Congress on Psychotherapy, Moscow, July 2020
Graduates and trainees of MIEK are the basis of the national association of existential consultants and therapists in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

MIEK - International Institute of Existential Counseling

The International Institute for Existential Counseling began its work in Rostov-on-Don in 1999. MIEK continues the tradition of medical practice of Alexander Efimovich Alekseychik. The philosophical MIEC follows Heideggerian existentialism and develops it, as well as the existential theology of Anthony of Sourozh.

Since September 2002, an international Russian-language journal on existential praxis "Existential Tradition: Philosophy, Psychology, Psychotherapy" has been published.

The head of the MIEC Council and the editor-in-chief of the magazine is Semyon Yeselson.

Existential therapy training is now possible in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Kiev, Nizhny Novgorod, Odessa, Almaty, Khabarovsk. Students of the International Institute for Existential Counseling live in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, France, Sweden. Teachers are leading European existential therapists.

MIEK's basic level of education is work on self-determination, development of the habit of working on oneself, understanding one’s own life, accepting values ​​and finding a path to transformation. This is an extension of the ability to experience, comprehend, understand someone else's life. These are the expanded horizons of being-together and one's own being.

Second level. Professional. The emerging client experience turns into knowledge, a professional language is mastered, the features of our approach in theoretical and practical existentialism are conceptualized, and supervision is underway. But first, the Doctor, heal yourself!


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MIEK - since 1999 year!
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